Love and healthy relationships 💙

Empathy is part of humanity, but in any relationship or connection that involves loving somebody, it’s important not to let their damages or struggles destroy you mentally and emotionally. One who lacks self awareness, is codependent or takes their anger and struggles out on others, has to also learn self responsibility and be willing to […]

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Self care and gentle advice 💜

Relationships and connections should be positive and mutually uplifting. We all have bad days, need to vent, or are negative occasionally, such is humanity. But to protect your energy and well being, don’t be afraid to distance yourself from those that hurt or are draining to you. You can love, support and care for others […]

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Thank you xo

Even when you’re not with me physically, I still feel you soulfully and spiritually. Loving you had changed me for the better, in such a way that I could never go back to being who I used to be. You made me, a better me, and I can never thank you enough for all that […]

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Love isn’t logic, it’s not numbers and math. You can’t predict compatibility based on likenesses and shared interests only. Love is a feeling, and emotions can’t be tested like pop quizzes or exams, and match making can fail horribly if both aren’t feeling the same vibe mutually. And if you have a man/woman in your […]

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